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Congratulations on commencing your journey to motherhood!

  As a mother myself of 4 adult children and a grandmother of 3 beautiful grandchildren, I can appreciate some of the things you maybe feeling: Excitement, anxiety, fear of the unknown, what to expect, what are my options and where do I start.

 Midwifery is based on the understanding that pregnancy, labour and birth is a profound life experience. For this I have the utmost respect of the birth process and the woman’s ability to give birth. I believe that pregnancy and childbirth should be treated as normal, natural and a special life event. Therefore it is part of my role in the midwifery/woman partnership to educate, inform and empower woman, helping them to believe in themselves and their body’s ability to birth their baby. 

Midwife means “with women”, therefore, each women is entitled to one to one supportive midwifery care in pregnancy, birth and six weeks postnatally.Each woman and each birth is unique, and as such must be respected and supported with each woman having the right and responsibility to make informed, intelligent and sensitive decisions about the manner they choose to give birth. 

Midwifery is “woman centred” and based on partnership and trust. I believe that sharing of information, working in partnership and building of a trusting relationship will enhance the outcome of birth. 

I recognize that pregnancy and birth is a special time for you and your family and the journey to motherhood is a unique process, one of which it would be a great privilege and honour to walk with you.